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Welcome to The PR Panda Event & Promotions

PR Panda Event & Promotions is a syndicate of communication experts where a well-coordinated team of experienced public relation professionals, adroit digital media doyens, create ideas, strategies and action plans to produce results that keep you ahead of your competitors.

Our Vission

We at PR Panda Event & Promotions our deep expertise and profound understanding of client’s business domain areas and requirements to create a tailored-fit solution for their individual business needs.

Our Mission

To consistently deliver transformative Public Relations Tools and Marketing Solutions with a tangible impact on your bottom line and ensure exceptional returns – month after month and year after year.


Mapping out an effective plan and working towards its efficient implementation. We list down the challenges before us and identify the possible solutions.

About PR Panda Event & Promotions

PR Panda Event & Promotions is India’s 1st Brand Management Company in India,  that offers PR Services, Branding solutions to brands & professionals. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company offers the most comprehensive branding solutions & strategies to Blue-chip brands, start-ups & Fortune 500 companies. In the past decade, we have built enduring brands for furiously competitive markets. To reinforce the brand value, we encourage brands to build sustainable credibility and focus on image management.

As a top Brand Management Consulting Firms in India we understand that your brand is your asset and like any other asset, it must be managed with due attention and ensure consistency and relevancy towards the current market situations. PR Panda Event & Promotions provides the best brand management services that will help your brand get noticed by customers.

At PR Panda Event & Promotions we believe that the role of brand management consultants is to ensure that the complete accountability of the brand is driven across every employee of the organization. The Firm is the entity responsible for the success of the brand. We have a deep-rooted understanding of creating unique experiences for brands, products, and individuals to differentiate themselves in a cluttered marketplace through the tool of effective and focused communication. As a trusted brand consultant in Delhi, we offer one-of-its-kind strategic solutions to promote your brand nationally and internationally.

Why Choose Us?

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We at PR Panda Event & Promotions deliver Professional services with team of professionals. We religiously strive towards enhancing the corporate image of our clients belonging from different businesses segment from financial services, education, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, logistics, lifestyle products and services etc. We also work towards promoting a new concept or an idea – anything that challenge us to be more innovative and provoked us to rediscover our inner strengths.

Our Professionals believe in delivering clients requirement within their budget. Everything we do here at PR Panda Event & Promotions stands consistent and measured, carefully thought out, implemented creatively and smartly.

Towing the professional line, we revel in our capacity to give clients back-to-back reports, but if it’s not your thing, we can keep the stats to ourselves and just ensure every productive priority is on track.

With an experienced team and a zealous quest to get to the core of the issue that need to be addressed through communication, our capability to offer cutting-edge solutions can be compared to the best in industry, globally. Therefore we are committed toward our clients and services.

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